What makes you a better digital marketer

A good Digital Marketer understands campaign objectives and can use various tools, a better marketer understands story and uses various tools to position the brand and it’s story. He has an end goal in mind, it’s all about getting brand awareness and traction which can be achieved using a digital medium.

A brand story telling is an utimate objective of marketer. This attracts the possible customers, fans and advocates. The use of various tools is secondry. However to tell a story in a powerful and convencing manner, a Digital marketer should understand all the possible areas of Digital marketing.

Here are two simple videos, you can understand from Coke marketing team on what is a good brand story telling is and from Google what is the future of Good brand story telling.

Digital marketing brings a huge oportunity to collaborate with your customers instantly. They can begin to understand and join you on your mission on your website, social media, Ads and other platforms. However to make it even more effective you need to know a little of possibly all aspects of digital marketing. The Digital marketing universe is big, however it is not very difficult to understand. It helps if you have a good team who are specialists, who can put to use various tools in various areas.

If you are perplexed on what Digital marketing includes, I have listed a few major things which are part of Digital marketing. Digital by nature is technical, the sections are divided into two parts, The first one is General, and below is Technical.

Brand Building
SEO & Link Building
Social media marketing (Organic and paid)
Product positioning & Messaging
Content strategy & marketing
Digital Psychology and persuasion
Demand Generation & Customer Acquisition
Community building and leveraging
Customer retention
Online Ads (YouTube, Google, Facebook etc )

UI and UX
Email marketing
A/B Testing
Landing page optimizations
Technical Content marketing
Growth marketing
Marketing Tech stack
AI automation & Apps integrations
Technical SEO
CRO — conversion rate optimization
Digital Analytics
Transactional Data analytics
Data presentation and visualization

The strength of Digital marketing is now increasingly dependent upon the tech stack you use and how good your tech team is. Don’t get carried away by the jargons, tools and terms used by fellow team mates, keep your relentless focus on Story telling which is put in place by your branding team.

Here is one of the must watch videos on Brand story telling and below is key takeways of the video.

Here is what you should keep in mind when designing your next campaign or writing a website copy or doing a design

Think about: Is the message we are sending with all our activities, is about customer survival and is the message clear and simple.



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Chandan Mishra

Marketing Strategy and growth Consultant with various Companies.