The level of dumbness that people want is Profound

Chandan Mishra
2 min readApr 30, 2023
The dumbness that people want is Profound, A story on why people love simplicity
Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

You share a complex story, you work hard on it and yet you see very few likes, takers, and shares. You share a Dumb story and you get thousands of likes, takers, and shares.

The idea here is people love Dumbness. They love simplicity. They love something else than what you do. Maybe you are writing for a scientific journal and publishing on a medium or any other social media platform.

Sometime back I was producing content for Slideshare, I was good at making presentations and I did share a few. I realized a simple presentation has more views, shares, and downloads than the complex one.

The idea stuck with me, however, I still kept on producing complex content on Telecom, content marketing, and Marketing strategy and moved nowhere. This is the same time I was moving up the organisational ladder to become the head of the department. At the office, I was appalled at the ideas that came to me and got presented, it always wanted a simple version of things. Now I realized why people expect the same from me on social media.

Now, I am convinced that I too need that profound dumbness that everyone wanted. That’s why you see such a simple article.



Chandan Mishra

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