My Personality Tests

Chandan Mishra

Took Personality tests on crystalknows. Here is who I am.
That put me up for some serious thinking. Is this Good, bad or Ugly. but this is who I am.

Counselor (Si) Extreme Intensity: 83%
Chandan is likely to be expressive and encouraging around others. He tends to enjoy talking and collaborating frequently. His enthusiastic and positive demeanor help inspire those around him.
Intensity represents how strong someone’s personality traits are likely to be, relative to others with the same DISC type.

16-Personality Type:
As an ISFJ, chandan tends to be humble, hard-working, and enthusiastic. chandan often focuses on making sure a job is done perfectly and likes to follow a specific approach.

Enneagram Type:
The Peacekeeper
As a Type Nine, chandan tends to be accepting, optimistic, and adaptive. chandan generally likes peace and avoids conflict.



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Chandan Mishra

Marketing Strategy and growth Consultant with various Companies.