Follow your passion and be Successful, is the biggest lie.

Chandan Mishra
2 min readJul 16, 2022
Follow your passion & Steve Jobs

Follow your passion and you will be successful. This is what media tells you, the writers tell you, the bloggers tell you, and the influencers on various social platforms tell you. This is also what super successful people often tell you. Right. The league of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, etc. It’s because they can’t tell you the following:

I am more intelligent than most people around me.
I am more hardworking than most around me.
I have a better capability of predicting the future.

Maybe because it will look rude. So the lie often told to people is to follow your passion. That way it will hide all the insecurities and shortcomings under the pretext that maybe you are not following your real passion and that’s why it’s taking you so long.

But is this the real reason, Is this the Truth?

What is passion, something you enjoy doing? A lot of people enjoy doing a lot of things and yet they struggle miserably to scale up. They can’t predict the trends, can’t build products, and have little intelligence and imagination. So Passion couldn’t be the whole story, if not what are the real factors/reasons for becoming super successful.

In the book Willpower by Roy and John Tierney, they list down the two biggest factors of being super successful.

1. Intelligence
2. Self-control or willpower.

A lot of books that I read on Self-improvements include Building Habits, Psychology, Mindsets, Thinking, Imagination, etc. One thing that comes out clearly is none of these books or any book talks about passion. Passion doesn’t even come close when it comes to being successful.

Yes, One should like what they are doing but super successful people also have one big trait, they quit often. When they realize something is not going to work or happen they don’t waste time, they quit and move on to the next project. So they don’t follow their passion, they discover passion in what they do.

Chase success, That’s what matters. Once you are successful there are more likely chances that you will be successful in other projects too.



Chandan Mishra

Marketing Strategy and growth Consultant with various Companies.