Building an affordable Technology stack for B2B Business

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Why it is so important to track a customer, especially for a B2B Business? The answer is simple since the sales cycles are long and valuable, companies wouldn’t like to miss any single customer or lead. They would definitely like to nurture prospects for a period of time before it converts or can be dropped.

To achieve the same the companies deploy a lot of marketing technology tools to map and keep a check on the activities during the nurturing period. These technology tools together are called a marketing technology stack, in regular parlance, it is called a martech.

A lot of people ask me what is the ideal Marketing Tech stack for a B2B Business? I am listing here one of the tech stacks you can use for your business.

WordPress (CMS)
Unbounce (Landing pages)
Google Analytics
Google Ads
Typeform (All kinds of forms)
Sprout Social (Social media Management)
Segment/ Datadog/Insider (Lead Generation Tracking)
Clearbit/InsideView (Lead Scoring/identify right leads )
Autopilot/Webengage (customer Journeys)
Zapier (API Connector)
Salesforce/Zoho/Hubspot (CRM)
Amplitude/MoEngage (Customer engagement)
Sales loft/Kently (Sales engagement)
Call Rail/Aircall (Call tracking)
Kissmetrics/Mixpanel (One view of the data)
Intercom (Live chat)
Zendesk/Freshworks (Customer support)
Mailchimp/ActiveCampaigns (Bulk emails)
Gmail (Emails)
Google Calendar
Zoom (Video meetings)
Moz/ahrefs (SEO)

Of course, a big question is an affordability. Feel free to replace tools and reorganize the tech stack according to your needs. But try using the best tools available even when it is expensive, it amazingly enhances the customer experience on the website and you love it.

Technology is increasingly becoming part of the core marketing, If you are a marketer, you need to understand the tech as much as you understand other aspects of marketing.



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Chandan Mishra

Marketing Strategy and growth Consultant with various Companies.