Better, cost-effective, and efficient data management should be your goal.

Chandan Mishra
2 min readApr 10, 2023

Do you understand data? Can you call yourself data literate?
When I joined SCIKIQ I spent three months struggling to comprehend the concept of data management. If you’re just starting with data management, you may also need to go through some learning processes.

If you’re new to data management, you may feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the various components, such as data integration, curation, lineage, data cataloging, active metadata, data governance, visualization, and reporting.

It’s natural to question whether all these components are necessary or if there’s a simpler and better way to manage data.

Traditionally, managing data required a patchwork of different tools, with one tool handling data integration, another managing data governance, and yet more for handling the rest of the data management tasks.

What was needed and called for is an efficient data management platform and one such architecture is the data fabric.

There are now all-in-one data platforms that can manage everything end-to-end. Players like IBM, Microsoft, and Talend jumped in along with many others. Now they are key competition for SCIKIQ.

The major differential here is when we were developing Scikiq the founder and product teams began with the thought process of creating an all-in-one platform, unlike other companies that are now integrating their various product offerings to create a data fabric, and that has created a mess to manage which is again like managing various tools to create a holistic data environment.

Coming back to data management, if you are beginning to create a data infrastructure at your organization, don’t begin with solving one problem and then another with various tools. Opt for a tool that can take care of your data needs well in the future.

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