Become a 10x Digital marketer with SkillCamper

Chandan Mishra
3 min readMar 26, 2022

Your ideas can help your company succeed!. We at Skillcamper understand you have the inherent ability and desire to make a difference in the world, instantly and regularly, if provided the right tools and training. You can improve your ability to drive results in your job and for your company by 10x.

Skillcamper is inviting applications for the first cohort of Digital marketing Bootcamp training. Learn how Leading professionals work globally and use various frameworks, processes, concepts, technology, and tools. Learn from their secrets, tricks, and hacks on live training.

What will make you one of the most sought-after digital marketers is your ability to drive results in your job for your company? To achieve that you need to have a growth mindset to learn and constantly experiment and strive to make things better.

Begin with absolute basics frameworks to think and execute a highly advanced level of complex marketing problems to be one of the best in Digital marketing. We will make you Skilled in the craft so that you become the most sought-after professional in your field.

It’s important that you should love what you do. What is your core passion area. Are you more creative or analytical, are you a buisness operations person or a lead generation expert.

We will begin with a comprehensive overview of various fields of Digital marketing so that you know where your interest lies and what you love doing on a regular basis. Post that we will jump deep into your core specializations area which could be SEO, Content marketing, Branding or MarTech.

How do we make it happen?

Backed by industry feedback on what companies actually need in a professional to perform on the job.
Well Researched curriculum so that you can get skilled at what others aren’t even thinking about.
Includes world-class frameworks, tools, technology, and hands-on exposure on a daily basis.
Supported with Job placement assurances in leading MNCs.

We have reached out to leading experts, we have done comprehensive research on what’s the world-class curriculum looks like and what it actually takes to become a world-class digital marketing professional.

The most important thing you learn in Skillcamper Digital marketing courses is how to structure your thinking and apply your ideas on a regular basis to solve big problems for your company.

We are a team of passionate educators looking to help students in excelling at industry-level skills. We have the vision to kick-start your learning journey with a growth mindset. Skillcamper pedagogy is based on the Do-Learn-Do method. We believe skills can’t be taught over a few video lessons, there is a certain expertise a student needs to gain before they go and implement these on the job. It is the reason that we have developed a Global learning methodology which emphasizes the following

• Building Core expertise, Communication — Soft skills & Collaboration — Work in teams
• Industry interactions
• Global course curriculum & Industry approved
• Neuroscience based Do-Learn-Do method of learning
• From skills to Mastery

Skillcamper brings you

Real-world experience | Job ready — not just certifications ready
• Live projects
• Industry expertise — in less than 6 months

Talk to us. Book an appointment and see if you can fulfill the selection criteria.



Chandan Mishra

Marketing Strategy and growth Consultant with various Companies.